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My Aim Is To Help You Become A Safe Driver...
...While helping you save time and money getting your licence



A special starter course to help you get driving quickly rather than being stuck by the road.

Confidence Building

We will zzzap your nerves and help you feel comfortable and take control

Parking Lessons

I can help you master parking so quickly you will be amazed.

Part Trained

If you can already drive a little this course will save you a lot of time and cash.

Driving Test Rescue

A dedicated course helping learners who keep failing...You will love it, because I can set you straight.

Weekend Lessons

Want to learn at the weekend? Then no problem, this course will work around your social life.
I highty recommend James as he helped me pass my driving test first time

Wow HOOOO I pass first time and with only 2 faults. This is a amazing driving school xxx

Bognor Regis
I loved my lessons, passing was easy and you ought to give James a try.

I started off really nervous but James helped me feel confident. Now I have a driving licence and can't thank James enough

Driving Lessons Chichester

So you want to pass your driving test? Well you have landed at just the right place, not only will I help you get your driving licence I will be personally delighted to see yet another successful pupil...

Can you pass first time?
You will have every chance of doing so IF you work to my best advice, so let me tell you how you are going to do this. The sooner you pass your theory test the better! It s not just a thing to make your life harder, in actual fact it is more than a will actually help you drive better and you will need fewer lessons in the car. So with all that in mind I want you getting this out of the way quick-sharp.

When you take driving lessons I want you to think back to being at school for a minute. You remember that one hour lesson you had every week? Fir me it was RE... now could you remember anything from the previous week? Didn't the teacher have to remind you? 

That's because you had forgotten! It was last week and the longer the time in between lessons the more you forget. You know where I am going with this, don't you? I want you to take 2 hours a week at least because that way you will forget less and you will need fewer hours training overall. Makes sense doesn't it?

You are going to be given a progress report card, its a syllabus of learning but don't worry its not boring. It actually shows what you have learned, how good you are and what else you need to learn. You start off at the "introduced" level this is when you first have a go,and you finish off at the "independent" level, and thats when you can drive without my help.

If you want to have a good time learning to drive and to have a great chance of passing first time then pick up the phone and call me.

Speak to you soon.

James Williamson
Government Approved Driving Instructor



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