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Driving Lessons Bognor Regis

Imagine driving your own car for a moment, just jumping in, turning on the music and setting out to go wherever you want. Being able to drive is an amazing feeling and it will bring so much into your life, its more then being able to skip the bus, its about road trips, having more time and even finding a better paid job.

Driving Lessons In Bognor Regis

So who are you going to choose? There are many driving schools in Bognor Regis and they all look the same don't they. Here are a few tips you can try.

1. Book two driving instructors in Bognor Regis and see how you get on with both of them.

2. Don't go for a big block booking discount just in case you don't enjoy your time. Book a 2 hour lesson instead and you will know in that time if you can work with the instructor.

3. When you phone me I will ask about your driving experience and if you have a date in mind when you want to pass your test. It is important any driving school asks you these questions so they can work out what you need.

4. After your first lesson do you now know what you are expected to do to pass your driving test? I will create you a personal lesson plan, and as you progress we will tick off what you can do and good at. You will see how well you are progressing and what else you need to learn.

5. Never be afraid to say you do not understand something. While driving is simple we all learn in different ways. Some people like to me told, others like to have a demonstration while some pupils like to be asked a question so they can figure out the answer. I will work to the style which best suits you.
Overall I would be delighted to help you pass your driving test.
Call me today and lets get your licence!

James Williamson
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